Who We Are

We are an organization of self-proclaimed, multi-denominational LGBTQ+ Christian students, who aim to:

  • Introduce LGBTQ+ students to an inclusive Christ, and show that God loves and cares for everyone.
  • Welcome Christians who are questioning their own sexuality and/or gender, however you may identify yourself.
  • Create an environment for people who recognize themselves as Christians and LGBTQ+.

In short, we are a queer Christian organization that affirms you. No matter where you are on your path, we welcome all in this safe environment; so that you may walk with Christ, and be comfortable with who you are.

Allies are welcome and we know it can be a bit intimidating to come to the first meeting so we’d love to meet you and your friends. All are welcome!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support and affirmation as an inclusive, interdenominational coalition of LGBTQ+ Christians exploring spirituality at and around Michigan State University. We strive to meet one another on our spiritual journeys through both religious and secular outreach, education, and fellowship, allied to the surrounding communities.

LOCATION: Student Lounge of University Lutheran Church 1020 S. Harrison Rd.

MEETINGS: Monday evenings from 7-9pm



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