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Welcome Freshmen!

As the treasurer and self-proclaimed tech guru of Q-Cross, I warmly welcome you to MSU and to Q-Cross! I am Andrew Shutt, and we hope to meet you all! We, as the group, want to extend our internet presence this year, to get the word of our love and acceptance as a unique intersection of Christians and LGBTQQ persons for the MSU and greater Lansing community. To do this, this is one of the many portals we are utilizing this year, and hope we can use this powerful resource to encourage discussions and awareness of our increasingly growing intersection.

So why not learn more about our group? We welcome everyone in our group, and we hope to introduce LGTBQQ students to Christ’s love, and support Christians who may be questioning their own identity, and equally support everyone on where they are on life’s long and winding journey. Come to our weekly meetings, where we have bible studies, worship, and discussions in all of these areas.

For the spring semester, we are now meeting at University Lutheran, check out the details on the meeting information on the right side of our homepage.

So what are you waiting for? Come grow with us!


Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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