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Blog: Choosing Love in the Face of Hate

By Chanel Redden

By Chanel Redden

Now days it seems as if more and more people are in support of LGBT rights including marriage equality.  To date 32 states have Freedom to Marry, and a Gallup poll conducted May 2014 showed that 55% of Americans are in favor of Marriage Equality including people in which a marriage ban is still upheld. With these statistics it may look like everything is on the up and up, however recently I have seen some disturbing things on Facebook that show that more than laws have to change, but hearts have to also change.

Over the past few weeks, I have notice that some of my friends that have made post about LGBT rights and LBGT inclusion into the church have been viciously attacked by people claiming to be doing God’s work.  The thing that deeply saddened me the most was that many of these horrible attacks were made by their family members and “friends”.   However, what truly spoke the loudest were not the hateful messages, but the beautiful responses that my friends replied with.  They replied to the very people that questioned the validity of their Christianity, with a type of love and understanding the mirrored Christ himself.  There beautiful responses prepared me to deal with a comment made by a former staff worker from a Christian fellowship that I used to attend on campus during undergraduate years.  This former staff worker was angry that a business owner was being fined for refusing to serve a gay couple. This was especially troubling since this staff worker was a person of color and not too long ago could have had the same treatment.  I wanted to chew him out on Facebook, but then I thought about how my friends were able to respond so much love, I decided to do the same.

Love and hate are two of the strongest emotions in this universe. Both of them can totally engulf a person if allowed to, but why is it that we allow hate to engulf us much more often than love even to the point where we allow the hatred inside of us to become angry at love whether it be LGBT love, or just simply feeding the homeless?

Anger in and of itself does not always lead to hate.  Even Jesus himself became angry such as when he cleared the temple of merchants (Mark 11:15 -19) However, this type of anger is the type of anger that society is lacking today. This was not a judgmental anger, but an anger that wanted social justice!  Jesus was angry because not only were the merchants cheating people out of their money, but they were also committing this act in the Holy Temple.

This should make us want  to reevaluate the world and say to ourselves, “What would this world look like if we showed the same amount of anger toward human trafficking, child, animal, and spousal abuse, poverty,  bulling, war, famine , terrorism , environmental issues and bigotry as we do toward the various forms of love?” At this point that anger would have the choice to turn into to love out of concern for all people and creatures created by our Creator instead of the hate that it was destined to become before. Instead of wondering what if, make the choice today that you will be that change and choose love even in the face of hate.


Organizations that guide anger to the path of Love


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