Recipe for Q-CROSS Meeting


Nick Huard Q-CROSS Secretary

  • 1 whole, authentic Jenn Tafel
  • ½ serving of a well-dressed, but mono-colored Trevor
  • A hint of Mary covered in animal hair
  • 1/3 kind-hearted Harold
  • A whole, intelligent, thoughtful, handsome Nick
  • The loving presence of God Almighty
  • The over-looking protection of the Holy Spirit


  • Combine all ingredients into an awkwardly silent room
  • Have Jenn share her wisdom—this will insure solidarity within the group
  • The Trevor may be stressed, but ensure him 1½ hours of peace
  • Mary may be covered in hair but she won’t trigger your allergies
  • Any presence of Harold will work for this recipe. Typically, he is talking about something he doesn’t understand, but he enjoys it anyway


Yields 1½ hours of tired, overworked, underpaid, hungry, stressed out, (possibly spaced out), sleep deprived community members taking time to support one another.