How QUEER is YOUR Cross?

Nathan Hubbard

Nathan Hubbard, Vice President of       Q-CROSS@MSU

One Q-CROSS meeting included a time for arts and crafts. Our wonder leader, Jenn, decided a perfect art project would be coloring pictures of a cross. This was appropriately entitled, “How QUEER is YOUR Cross?

I found this ridiculous and incredible all at the same time. My partner and I immediately started coloring rainbows inside of this cross (see photos)—this symbol that represents a gruesome form of torture…this symbol that is at the head of so many just-white churches that have wanted to control and suppress the colors of my identity…this symbol that is never thought of as gay.

But here, our cross is queer.

And months and months later these crosses are hanging on our refrigerator—a constant reminder of the truly colorful love of God.


Poetry by Nick



Nick Huard








We have a website

And I guess a blog also

Come check us out, yo.


We are hard to find

In the depths of the Union

We’re cool. We promise.


Roses are red

Violet are blue

There’s no beach in the Lake Michigan room

But we’re enough sunshine for you.


~Nick Huard

Member of Q-CROSS@MSU

Blog: Welcome Back

By Rev. Jenn Tafel

By Rev. Jenn Tafel

Classes are about to begin. The telltale signs are around us: the air is a little cooler, traffic has picked up in East Lansing, there are long lines in the store as people scramble for supplies, and if you listen closely you can hear the marching band practicing. There is no doubt about it and there is no avoiding it. Are you excited? Nervous? Eagerly anticipating the parent drop off? That’s all part of the journey. For new students: a new chapter is about to begin. For returning students: the routine is awaiting your arrival. For grad students: the routine, deadlines, and other students anticipate your wisdom. All of this energy creates a buzz on campus that no one can deny.

Photo taken 9/26/15 during game against Central Michigan University

Photo taken 9/26/15 during game against Central Michigan University

For those of us involved in the campus ministry, Q-Cross@MSU, the school year begins with the welcome events Sparticipation and Spartan Remix. We also have a display at Michigan Pride which is move-in weekend. It’s a whirlwind couple of weeks as we celebrate who we are as a campus ministry/student organization in queer, religious, and student-oriented terms.

Our first official gathering as a group is on Wednesday, September 14th at 7:30pm. We are hosting an Open House where people can gather, reconnect, hang out and play games. Our weekly meetings will continue from that point through the semester ending with a meal at a local restaurant during finals preparations.

Photo from our promo video on YouTube

Photo from our promo video on YouTube

Is our group for you? We are a group that meets weekly to support one another, discuss topics relevant to the queer and Christian communities, and we celebrate worship once a month (with an open table for Holy Supper). We laugh, cry, discuss, learn, disagree, and share our lives with each other. It is a space where a person identifying on the LGBTQ+/queer/questioning spectrum and as a Christian/spiritual seeker can have their identity affirmed and valued. We are a space for support in a large community that can be isolating. The routine of classes, papers, and projects can be overwhelming. We offer space where you can be your whole self—whoever that is today or tomorrow.

Blessings on the school year ahead,
Rev. Jenn Tafel

Blog: School Year Reflections


By Rev. Jenn Tafel

By Rev. Jenn Tafel

The final strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” are but shadows in the air now. The cap and gown are put aside. The books are shut and exams are finished. Bags are packed and the campus is quiet. It is the end of another school year and for some the end of an era and chapter in life. Did you do what you set out to do in August?


At Q-CROSS@MSU we had an amazing year packed with rich content, heartfelt discussions, trips and conferences, panel discussions and guest presenters, and of course—fellowship. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone.

Books2 green white

I get sad at the end of a school year as I miss our weekly conversations and check-ins. I’m also aware that for some it’s difficult to go “home.” For some, home is campus and friendships become family. Summer can be tricky to navigate waiting for August to come around so that one can breathe again. We don’t always hear about this stress, but I’m aware it exists. My prayers are with each person who’s come and gone through our group—life can be rough but you don’t have to do it alone.

Summer is also a time for jobs, camps, inter/externships, preparing for the next academic year, and hopefully some fun. At Q-CROSS@MSU we spend time during the summer preparing for the upcoming year and evaluating the previous one. Is there something you’d like to see, learn, or experience within our group? Email us: and we’ll include your idea(s) in our brainstorming sessions.


Blessings on your summer,

Rev. Jenn Tafel

Go Green!