Recipe for Q-CROSS Meeting


Nick Huard Q-CROSS Secretary

  • 1 whole, authentic Jenn Tafel
  • ½ serving of a well-dressed, but mono-colored Trevor
  • A hint of Mary covered in animal hair
  • 1/3 kind-hearted Harold
  • A whole, intelligent, thoughtful, handsome Nick
  • The loving presence of God Almighty
  • The over-looking protection of the Holy Spirit


  • Combine all ingredients into an awkwardly silent room
  • Have Jenn share her wisdom—this will insure solidarity within the group
  • The Trevor may be stressed, but ensure him 1½ hours of peace
  • Mary may be covered in hair but she won’t trigger your allergies
  • Any presence of Harold will work for this recipe. Typically, he is talking about something he doesn’t understand, but he enjoys it anyway


Yields 1½ hours of tired, overworked, underpaid, hungry, stressed out, (possibly spaced out), sleep deprived community members taking time to support one another.



Rebuilding Campus


Rev. Jenn Tafel: Religious Advisor of Q-CROSS@MSU

This semester has been a rough one. It’s enough to be a student on campus navigating class schedules, financial aid, dorm life, homesickness, life/career plans, and work-life balance. Add to that the journey of coming out in sexuality and/or gender identity. Add to that the intersections of race, culture, religious/faith practice, ability, class, and more. Being a human on this journey is difficult. Being alive is a political statement. Breathing and existing can take every ounce of strength. And then there are the good days. You find your community. You find your groove. And yes, it is a roller coaster—but with friends by your side it becomes a little easier.

And then there are the headlines where truth comes to light. What has been swept under the rug is brought to the public. Pain takes center stage. A speaker comes to campus who thrives on hate and division. Turmoil and resistance are added to our calendars. It’s enough! Hiding under the covers would be a great temptation.

What about our faith? In our group as practicing Christians and spiritually-minded folks we believe in a God of rebirth, resurrection, and renewal. We know that what is before us is not the end of things—it is part of the journey. We are called to do the work of seeing beyond the pain to healing. We are called to see the acts of justice for us to do. We are called to see wholeness where there is currently brokenness. We are called to lean on a God of love, mercy and justice. We are also called to take care of ourselves.

If you are looking for community we are here for you.

to the MSU Student Body

Queer Theology

We are doing things differently for the 2017-2018 school year. We are breaking up the semesters into 4-5 week themes. We began the school year with theme of “Sexual Health” and are now moving into the theme of “Queer Theology.”

It is difficult to start group discussions on queer theology if we haven’t looked at the gendered disempowerment between men and women. And yes, Christianity is still caught up in the binary system with only a couple of denominations leading the way toward trans inclusion. Our Religious Advisor, Rev. Jenn Tafel shared  books from her personal library during this week’s event. She also discussed the discrimination she continues to receive in her ministry.


How QUEER is YOUR Cross?

Nathan Hubbard

Nathan Hubbard, Vice President of       Q-CROSS@MSU

One Q-CROSS meeting included a time for arts and crafts. Our wonder leader, Jenn, decided a perfect art project would be coloring pictures of a cross. This was appropriately entitled, “How QUEER is YOUR Cross?

I found this ridiculous and incredible all at the same time. My partner and I immediately started coloring rainbows inside of this cross (see photos)—this symbol that represents a gruesome form of torture…this symbol that is at the head of so many just-white churches that have wanted to control and suppress the colors of my identity…this symbol that is never thought of as gay.

But here, our cross is queer.

And months and months later these crosses are hanging on our refrigerator—a constant reminder of the truly colorful love of God.

Poetry by Nick



Nick Huard








We have a website

And I guess a blog also

Come check us out, yo.


We are hard to find

In the depths of the Union

We’re cool. We promise.


Roses are red

Violet are blue

There’s no beach in the Lake Michigan room

But we’re enough sunshine for you.


~Nick Huard

Member of Q-CROSS@MSU